32465680157 largeTop Dead Center, or TDC, in a reciprocating engine is the point where the piston is the farthest away from the crankshaft, about to begin its journey back down. Simple, right? For us, though, TDC has a greater meaning. In order for a four stroke engine to run, hundreds of things have to happen as the piston heads toward TDC on the compression stroke. Every fastener must remain torqued. The oiling system has to oil. The rings have to seal. The valves have to close. The primary ignition has to charge the coil. The secondary ignition has to be ready to instantly deliver thousands of volts. The fuel mixture has to be close enough to stoichiometric to be compressed and heated without detonating. The list goes on and on, and it all frequently needs to happen faster than you can blink.

Successful combustion as the piston passes through TDC is the result of preparation.

This line of thought summarizes our approach to motorcycle service. Precision preparation, and careful attention to detail, yield the best results.

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