kevin3My name is Kevin, and I am the owner of Top Dead Center Cycle. I have a lifelong passion for motorcycles that extends back as far as I can remember. My childhood heroes were motorcycle racers, and the men who built and tuned those bikes. I grew up in the '70s in central Florida, and was fortunate enough to get to meet and talk with many of them, often in the paddock at Daytona.

As soon as I was old enough, I began riding my first street bike to my first job, in a motorcycle salvage yard, and followed that working in a small race bike shop. By the early '80s, the industry was growing and changing furiously, with one engineering breakthrough after another, coming from Japan and Europe. I fell in love with those bikes, and it endures today.

I have spent the decades in between honing my craft, and have learned a lot along the way, much that has nothing to do with technical ability. Honesty, and integrity, in whatever you do. Long term success in any business has to be rooted in these two basic tenets. Often, the best thing is not the easiest thing.

In addition to working on motorcycles, I worked as an auto technician, starting out as an apprentice GM tech, making my way through the training system until I achieved GM Grand Master certification. I then went on to achieve ASE Master Auto Technician certification, and was one of the first in the country to receive the ASE L1 Advanced Engine Performance certificate. I then moved on to working on one of my other afflictions, British cars, working on Jaguar and Land Rover, and most recently, Rolls Royce and Bentley. I also spent time teaching auto techs, at Universal Technical Institute in Houston, through the Ford - Jaguar ASSET Program.

Having done all that, it is now time to pursue my life's passion. My view with classic bikes is that we are not only owners, we are caretakers. A hundred years from now, that old bike you have could be the one example left, sitting on a pedestal in a museum. It could be the machine that sparks the imagination of one of your great grandchildren.

Whether it is for routine maintenance, extensive restoration, or anything in between you have my promise that your bike will be treated with the care it deserves.

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