The corollary to that story is that eventually, H-D righted the ship. The bikes they build now are the quality equal of any others. For me, though, it was too late. My heart was set. 

From a business standpoint, trying to earn customers in that market would mean trying to elbow into a crowded field. An H-D owner in middle Tennessee has a lot of options for service, between the dealers and independent shops that ONLY do H-D.

That is part of what makes TDC Cycle unique. We offer service for the orphans. New bike dealers really have no interest in working on bikes much older than current models minus 6 or 7. These guys have spent the money to buy parts inventory, train techs, and do all the things the manufacturers require them to do (which is a lot!) to maintain their franchises. Customers bringing in 15 or 20 year old bikes - hard to believe a '92 model is that old now - often aren't welcomed. Because they really aren't set up to service older bikes, managers and dealer principals view them as jobs that will consume unpaid time, for a variety of reasons. Techs, who are graded often in part based on their clock hour to billed hour percentages for productivity, do not want their numbers dragged down. Higher productivity percentages = more money per flat rate hour.

At the other end of the spectrum are what I would consider to be true antiques - bikes made prior to the late 50's, maybe 1960. As they get to be in that age range, the serious collectors and restorers start to gather. Values rise sharply, supply is low, and usually the bikes do not get regular use anymore. Restoration cost and cash value end up getting them parked.

So that leaves everything in the middle, and that is where TDC shines. Free of the overhead and restrictions that the dealers labor under. Free of the need to focus on one marque. Free to do whatever it is you want done.

I love my job.

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